About Ohfarm

Ohfarm Biotechnology Corporation develops technologies and products that enable people to grow their own fresh produce conveniently and organically. The Ohfarm fresh produce system can be designed and used at almost any place and at any scale. It can be implemented at home, office, residential communities, and many retail locations such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and shopping malls. It is completely organic and does not require any non-natural fertilizer or pesticide. It is easy to operate, maintain, and fun to use. It can be used to produce almost all common vegetables, grains, and many other plants.

Ohfarm’s founder and CEO Yongchun Zhang obtained his BS in Computer Science from Beijing University of Technology. He has over 20 years of corporate and business development experience in China, including founding and operating more than 10 profitable convenience stores in Beijing. Starting raising rabbit, silkworm, and goldfish at three years old, he has been raising many kinds of animals and plants as a hobby over the last forty years. Ohfarm grows out of his multi-year endeavor to provide his family with clean and fresh produce in a city where the environment is polluted and people are increasingly concerned about the safety of food.

Ohfarm’s organic fresh produce products will be available for sale in winter 2017. Thank you for visiting our website.