Ohfarm online community

Dear Ohfarm Customers,

Ohfarm online community blog is a place for ohfarm users to learn and share knowledge about growing fresh organic produce and plants. People can freely join and post messages here. The common topics on this blog are:

  • how to use Ohfarm organic fresh produce systems;
  • how to grow particular fresh produce, such as lettuce, tomato, spinach, and so on;
  • share knowledge about growing any plant – remember there are over 30,000 edible plants known on this world, so there is always some plants out there that are new to others. So we encourage people to share their knowledge and know-how regarding to the growth of all plants;
  • ask questions related to the growth of plants;

The website for the online community blog is –


Thank you for visiting us.

Learn, grow, and enjoy.



The Ohfarm Team