Ohfarm and the future of farming

The world today is marked by growing population, rapid urbanization, pollution and deterioration of our living environment. At Ohfarm we strive to use modern technology to help solve these grave challenges we are facing today. We believe the future of farming lies in vertical and organic farming.

The future of farming lies in vertical farming because we are running out of farmable land. And because of the rapid urbanization, more and more farmers are moving and living inside the city now. As a result, farmers are rapidly disappearing and former farm land is quickly overtaken by weeds and shrubs. So who is going to grow our food? Well, with Ohfarm, you can grow your own food. Where? Right inside your home or your office! With average living space of 33 square meters in China as of 2016, there is plenty of space to grow your own food, not on the traditional farmland, but right inside your apartment. Mere 3 square meters of space in your apartment is needed to grow enough fresh produce for your vegetable nutrition need every day.

The future of farming lies in organic because we are all worried about the use of pesticide and safety of food in general. How could you ever know what you bought from supermarket was true organic or not? Well, with Ohfarm organic producing system, you can be 100% sure that what you eat is organic. Because you control all the inputs to your growing system, and everything you eat is produced by yourself. It is organic, guaranteed.


Ohfarm online community

Dear Ohfarm Customers,

Ohfarm online community blog is a place for ohfarm users to learn and share knowledge about growing fresh organic produce and plants. People can freely join and post messages here. The common topics on this blog are:

  • how to use Ohfarm organic fresh produce systems;
  • how to grow particular fresh produce, such as lettuce, tomato, spinach, and so on;
  • share knowledge about growing any plant – remember there are over 30,000 edible plants known on this world, so there is always some plants out there that are new to others. So we encourage people to share their knowledge and know-how regarding to the growth of all plants;
  • ask questions related to the growth of plants;

The website for the online community blog is –


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The Ohfarm Team